Eclipse Architecture Plan 1.0 (OLD)
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The Eclipse Development Process calls for the creation of three Councils: Requirements, Planning and Architecture. Together, these Councils are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Eclipse Roadmap. When approved by the Board, the intent of the Eclipse Roadmap is to communicate the directions in which the Eclipse community will be taking its projects over the next year. New projects started during the life of a Roadmap are expected to be consistent and complementary to the Roadmap.

This document is the first draft of the Eclipse Architecture Plan. We welcome your feedback on the Eclipse Foundation Newsgroup.

The Eclipse community is organized into six top-level projects, each of which has provided its detailed architecture using the links below. Alternatively, you may use the image map below to navigate the Eclipse architecture.

Other projects may be added over time.

project architecture

Click on the image map below () to navigate to the different project architectures.

Platform project JavaDevTools CDevTools Frameworks TPTP WTP BIRT ecosystem