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Latest release

Eclipse OpenJ9 version 0.35.0 released

October 2022

We're pleased to announce the availability of Eclipse OpenJ9™ v0.35.0.

This release supports OpenJDK version 8, 11, and 17. For more information about supported platforms and OpenJDK versions, see Supported environments.

Apple silicon macOS® is now a fully supported, production-ready target for OpenJDK 11 and later.

Other updates in this release include the following:

  • Java dump files contain more information about waiting threads
  • New user2 event added for taking system dump files with exclusive access without overriding the user event
  • New -XX:[+|-]PerfTool option added for enabling or disabling the JIT support for the perf tool without affecting the existing -Xjit options
  • -XX:+EnsureHashed:java/lang/Class,java/lang/Thread is added to the list of default options in the options.default file for pre-hashing Class and Thread objects from the start and hence, improving performance
  • New options, -XX:JITServerMetricsSSLKey and -XX:JITServerMetricsSSLCert, added for encrypting the custom metrics with SSL or TLS
  • -XX:[+|-]JITServerLocalSyncCompiles is now enabled in most cases to reduce the latency of the compilations that are performed synchronously. It is disabled when you specify -Xjit:count=0 and in a few advanced use cases such as running the JVM in debug mode.

To read more about these and other changes, see the OpenJ9 user documentation.

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11 January 2023

Most OpenJ9 platforms create debug images as part of the build, automatically on jenkins or when running make all. These are overlays to the JDK which add additional debug information for native debuggers, such as gdb or windbg, to help developers diagnose problems. Looking at a build for the xLinux platform in Jenkins, you can…

OpenJ9 JCL Preprocessor (JPP) is extended to the extensions for OpenJDK

11 January 2023

OpenJ9 has been using the JPP to produce a custom set of libraries from a single JCL codebase since its inception. The customized libraries are used to build OpenJ9 JDKs. Initially, only the OpenJ9 JCL codebase is structured to support various JPP configurations. Recently the JPP is extended to preprocess some of the JCL code…

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OpenJ9 is an Eclipse Incubator Project
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