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Objects allocated from the specified classes will be hashed and extended with a slot to store the hash upon object creation or first move. This option may improve performance for applications that frequently hash objects of a certain type.


Setting Effect
-XX:+EnsureHashed:<classes> Specify classes
-XX:-EnsureHashed:<classes> Ignore classes

Where <classes> is a comma-separated list of fully qualified class names, e.g. java/lang/String.

The -XX:+EnsureHashed:<classes> option specifies the classes and the -XX:-EnsureHashed:<classes> option ignores classes that were previously specified. These options are parsed left to right.

For example, -XX:+EnsureHashed:Class1,Class2,Class3 -XX:-EnsureHashed:Class2 -XX:+EnsureHashed:Class2,Class4 -XX:-EnsureHashed:Class1,Class3 results in the set of EnsureHashed classes {Class2, Class4}.