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-Xmine / -Xmaxe

Set the minimum and maximum amounts by which the garbage collector expands the heap.


Setting Default
-Xmine<size> 1 MB
-Xmaxe<size> 0 (unlimited expansion)

See Using -X command-line options for more information about the <size> parameter.


Typically, the garbage collector expands the heap by the amount required to restore the free space to 30% (or the amount specified by -Xminf).

If heap expansion is required:

  • -Xmine forces the expansion to be at least the specified value. For example, -Xmine10M sets the expansion size to a minimum of 10 MB.
  • -Xmaxe limits the expansion to the specified value. For example -Xmaxe50M prevents expansion by more than 50 MB. (-Xmaxe0 allows unlimited expansion.)

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