Use this option to specify the number of compilation threads that are used by the JIT compiler.


where <n> is the number of threads, in the range 1-4 inclusive. A number greater than 4 prevents the Java™ VM from starting successfully.
Setting the compilation threads to zero does not prevent the JIT from working. Instead, if you do not want the JIT to work, use the -Xint option.


When multiple compilation threads are used, the JIT might generate several diagnostic log files. A log file is generated for each compilation thread. The naming convention for the log file generated by the first compilation thread uses the following pattern:


The first compilation thread has ID 0. Log files generated by the second and subsequent compilation threads append the ID of the corresponding compilation thread as a suffix to the log file name. The pattern for these log file names is as follows:


For example, the second compilation thread has ID 1. The result is that the corresponding log file name has the form: