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Online Training

This page references the latest training material available for the OpenCert platform.

Training - Winter series 2018

Training on the Prototype P1: WP3 Session #1 (26 Jan 2018)

  • Workflow overview
  • System Component Specification: Requirement specification
  • Requirement Formalization: Formalize requirements with formal properties, Contract editor with content assist
  • Requirement Early Validation: Metrics
  • Functional Refinement: Architectural refinement, Contract refinement, Contract-based views

Training on the Prototype P1: WP3 Session #2 (31 Jan 2018)

  • Components nominal and faulty behaviour definition
  • Functional early verification: Integration of CHESS and V&V tools, Contract refinement analysis, Contract validation, Contract-based verification of refinement
  • Safety analysis: Fault tree generation, Contract-based safety analysis
  • Safety Case: Generate product-based assurance arguments from CHESS model, Link architecture-related entities, Document generation
  • Upcoming features: Savona, Simulation-based Fault Injection, Requirement Early Validation

Training on the Prototype P1: WP4 Session #1 (25 Jan 2018)

  • Dependability assurance case modelling
  • Contract-based multi-concern assurance
  • System-dependability co-analysis: via Papyrus, via Safety Architect and via Concerto

Training on the Prototype P1: WP6 Session (24 Jan 2018)

  • Introduction to filtering at Assurance Project generation by Criticality/Applicability level
  • Reuse Assistant
  • Compliance Map Report
  • Management of Families-Lines: Variability Management support at process level and at component level, cross-concern variability management
  • Semi-automatic generation of Arguments: Product arguments and process arguments

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