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Components of the AMASS Tool Platform

OpenCert is not a monolithic platform. The OpenCert Tool Platform is composed of various contributions that cover the different features:

  • OpenCert Core toolset supports evidence management, assurance case specification and compliance management functionalities.
  • The Chess toolset adds support for Architecture-Driven Assurance. The CHESS toolset leverages another important PolarSys project, the Papyrus platform for UML design and profiles.
  • EPF Composer supports the process specification and process compliance.
  • BVR Tool provides support in Eclipse for the Base Variability Revolution Language
  • Eclipse Capra supports traceability between different artefacts in the platform.
  • Eclipse CDO is used to store all the models.

AMASS Project partners

The main contributions come from the AMASS project. The reuse of existing open source projects shows the pragmatism of the approach, and the application of a best practices of software engineering and open source communities: “join and contribute to existing communities” instead of “reinventing the wheel”. As such, the OpenCert open source platform is a good example of the advantages of open source software that can be combined and extended more easily as all APIs and formats are open.

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