Class ToggleRenderer

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public class ToggleRenderer
extends AbstractRenderer
The renderer for tree item plus/minus expand/collapse toggle.
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    • paint

      public void paint​( gc, java.lang.Object value)
      Description copied from interface: IRenderer
      Paints the visual representation of the given value on the given GC. The actual class of the value object is determined by the use of the implementing class.

      Implementors need to respect the bounds values that may have been specified. The bounds values may affect the x and y values for all drawing operations as well as the width and heights. Implementors may use a Transform to translate the coordinates of all the drawing operations, otherwise they will need to offset each draw.

      gc - GC to paint with
      value - the value being painted
      See Also:
      IRenderer.paint(, java.lang.Object)
    • computeSize

      public computeSize​( gc, int wHint, int hHint, java.lang.Object value)
      Description copied from interface: IRenderer
      Returns the size of the given value's visual representation.
      gc - convenience GC for string and text extents
      wHint - given width (or SWT.DEFAULT)
      hHint - given height (or SWT.DEFAULT)
      value - value to be sized
      the size
      See Also:
      IRenderer.computeSize(, int, int, java.lang.Object)