Class GaugeFigure.GaugeLayout

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class GaugeFigure.GaugeLayout
extends org.eclipse.draw2d.AbstractLayout
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    static java.lang.String NEEDLE
    Used as a constraint for the Needle.
    static java.lang.String NEEDLE_CENTER
    Used as a constraint for the needleCenter
    static java.lang.String RAMP
    Used as a constraint for the Ramp
    static java.lang.String SCALE
    Used as a constraint for the scale.
    static java.lang.String TITLE_LABEL
    Used as a constraint for the title label
    static java.lang.String UNIT_LABEL
    Used as a constraint for the unit label
    static java.lang.String VALUE_LABEL
    Used as a constraint for the value label

    Fields inherited from class org.eclipse.draw2d.AbstractLayout

    isObservingVisibility, preferredSize
  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    protected org.eclipse.draw2d.geometry.Dimension calculatePreferredSize​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure container, int w, int h)  
    void layout​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure container)  
    void setConstraint​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure child, java.lang.Object constraint)  

    Methods inherited from class org.eclipse.draw2d.AbstractLayout

    calculatePreferredSize, getBorderPreferredSize, getConstraint, getMinimumSize, getMinimumSize, getPreferredSize, getPreferredSize, invalidate, invalidate, isObservingVisibility, remove, setObserveVisibility

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    • setConstraint

      public void setConstraint​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure child, java.lang.Object constraint)
      Specified by:
      setConstraint in interface org.eclipse.draw2d.LayoutManager
      setConstraint in class org.eclipse.draw2d.AbstractLayout
    • calculatePreferredSize

      protected org.eclipse.draw2d.geometry.Dimension calculatePreferredSize​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure container, int w, int h)
      Specified by:
      calculatePreferredSize in class org.eclipse.draw2d.AbstractLayout
    • layout

      public void layout​(org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure container)