Constant Field Values



    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    static final int CX 3
    static final int CY 4
    static final int FX 3
    static final int FY 4
    static final int PAD 0
    static final int R 5
    static final int REFLECT 1
    static final int REPEAT 2
    static final int X1 0
    static final int X2 3
    static final int Y1 1
    static final int Y2 4
  • org.eclipse.nebula.jface.cdatetime.CDateTimeValueProperty 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String EDITABLE "editable"
  • org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.grid.internal.BranchRenderer 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int ASCENDER 128
    public static final int DESCENDER 64
    public static final int H_CENTRE_TOGGLE 4
    public static final int H_FULL 1
    public static final int H_LEFT_TOGGLE 8
    public static final int H_RIGHT 2
    public static final int I 16
    public static final int L 34
    public static final int LAST_ROOT 128
    public static final int LEAF 8
    public static final int NODE 64
    public static final int NONE 0
    public static final int ROOT 192
    public static final int SMALL_L 36
    public static final int SMALL_T 20
    public static final int T 18
    public static final int V_FULL 16
    public static final int V_TOP 32
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    static final java.lang.String OPERATOR_DIVIDE "/"
    static final java.lang.String OPERATOR_MINUS "-"
    static final java.lang.String OPERATOR_MULTIPLY "*"
    static final java.lang.String OPERATOR_PLUS "+"
  • org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.commons.ResourceManager 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String APPLICATION_ERROR "ApplicationError"
    public static final java.lang.String APPLY "apply"
    public static final java.lang.String BOLD "bold"
    public static final java.lang.String BOTTOM "bottom"
    public static final java.lang.String CALCULATOR_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO "calculator.dividebyzero"
    public static final java.lang.String CALCULATOR_INVALID_VALUE "calculator.invalid"
    public static final java.lang.String CANCEL "Cancel"
    public static final java.lang.String CATEGORY_SHORT_DESCRIPTION "category.shortDescription"
    public static final java.lang.String CHOICE "Choice"
    public static final java.lang.String CHOOSE "choose"
    public static final java.lang.String CHOOSE_DIRECTORY "chooseDirectory"
    public static final java.lang.String CLOSE "Close"
    public static final java.lang.String CPU_USAGE "cpuUsage"
    public static final java.lang.String DESCRIPTION_SHORT_DESCRIPTION "description.shortDescription"
    public static final java.lang.String DID_YOU_KNOW "didYouKnow"
    public static final java.lang.String EDIT_PROPERTY "editProperty"
    public static final java.lang.String ERASE_PROPERTY "eraseProperty"
    public static final java.lang.String EXCEPTION "Exception"
    public static final java.lang.String FEWER_DETAILS "FewerDetails"
    public static final java.lang.String HEAP_MEMORY "heapMemory"
    public static final java.lang.String HEIGHT "height"
    public static final java.lang.String INFORMATION "Information"
    public static final java.lang.String INPUT "Input"
    public static final java.lang.String ITALIC "italic"
    public static final java.lang.String LEFT "left"
    public static final java.lang.String LOGIN "login"
    public static final java.lang.String LOGIN_FAILED "loginFailed"
    public static final java.lang.String MB "mb"
    public static final java.lang.String MEGABYTES "megabytes"
    public static final java.lang.String MORE_DETAILS "MoreDetails"
    public static final java.lang.String MULTICHOICE_MESSAGE "multichoice.message"
    public static final java.lang.String MULTICHOICE_MESSAGE_PLURAL "multichoice.message.plural"
    public static final java.lang.String NAME "name"
    public static final java.lang.String NEXT_TIP "nextTip"
    public static final java.lang.String NO "No"
    public static final java.lang.String OK "Ok"
    public static final java.lang.String PASSWORD "password"
    public static final java.lang.String PEAK "peak"
    public static final java.lang.String PERFORM_GC "performGC"
    public static final java.lang.String PHYSICAL_MEMORY "physicalMemory"
    public static final java.lang.String PREFERENCES "preferences"
    public static final java.lang.String PREVIOUS_TIP "previousTip"
    public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY "property"
    public static final java.lang.String REMEMBER_PASSWORD "rememberPassword"
    public static final java.lang.String RIGHT "right"
    public static final java.lang.String SELECT "Select"
    public static final java.lang.String SHOW_TIP_AT_STARTUP "showTipAtStartup"
    public static final java.lang.String SORT_SHORT_DESCRIPTION "sort.shortDescription"
    public static final java.lang.String THREADS "threads"
    public static final java.lang.String TIP_OF_THE_DAY "tipOfTheDay"
    public static final java.lang.String TOP "top"
    public static final java.lang.String VALID_URL "validURL"
    public static final java.lang.String VALUE "value"
    public static final java.lang.String WARNING "Warning"
    public static final java.lang.String WIDTH "width"
    public static final java.lang.String YES "Yes"
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    protected static final java.lang.String EMPTY_STRING ""
  • org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.promptsupport.PromptSupport 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    static final java.lang.String BACKGROUND "org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.promptsupport.PromptSupport.background"
    static final java.lang.String BEHAVIOR "org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.promptsupport.PromptSupport.behavior"
    static final java.lang.String FOCUS_CONTROL_LISTENER "org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.promptsupport.PromptSupport.listener"
    static final java.lang.String FOREGROUND "org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.promptsupport.PromptSupport.foreground"
    static final java.lang.String IS_PROMPT_DISPLAYED "org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.promptsupport.PromptSupport.displayed"
    static final java.lang.String PROMPT "org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.promptsupport.PromptSupport.prompt"
    static final java.lang.String STYLE ""