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Release Resolved Community Contributions
Aug 27
Balazs Brinkus contributed the screenshot attachment and provided new user experience improvements. Xiaoyang Guan provided prototype wiki integration for Trac.  Frank Becker provided numerous improvements including custom resolutions for Bugzilla. Jevgeni Holodkov contributed prototype task and query import export facilities.  Helen Bershadskaya contributed several XPlanner connector improvements including the new task editor. Raphael Ackermann provided several improvements including spell checking in task summaries.  Shawn Minto provided over a dozen useful bug fixes. Additional useful patches were provided by George Lindholm, Leo Dos Santos, Maarten Meijer, Toomas R�mer, David Green, Willian Mitsuda, Meghan Allen and Jacek Pospychala.

Also see the New & Noteworthy for previous releases

Updating:  If using a version prior to 2.0, must upgrade to 2.0 before installing Mylyn 2.1M1.

Task List

Open Repository Tasks

The opening of repository tasks has been streamlined and integrated into the top of the Task Search (Ctrl+H) dialog, and facilitates opening tasks that are not in the Task List by their key/ID.  Entering text into the Find box of the Task List will cause a hyperlink to the search dialog to appear just below the box.  If the contents of the Find box look like a task key/ID, they will be used to populate the Task Search dialog.  The Ctrl+Shift+F12 shortcut can also be used to invoke this action, and will additionally inspect the contents of the clipboard to look for a task key/ID to populate the Task Search dialog with.  The Ctrl+F12 Open Task dialog also provides a link to the Task Search page.

Note that off a task is selected in the active editor or the Task List, the repository in the Search dialog will be now automatically set to the corresponding repository, otherwise the previous repository will be used.  The previous Open Repository Task dialog, disabled by default in Mylyn 2.0, can still be accessed via Ctrl+Shift+F12.  Since the new functionality replaces this dialog the plan is to remove the old dialog for Mylyn 2.1 (see bug 193423).

Task Editor

Attach Screenshots

In order to attach a screenshot to a repository task, use Task Editor -> Attachments -> Attach File... and choose Screenshot as the attachment source.  You can then use the Capture button one or more times in order to grab your entire desktop.  In order to only submit a part of the desktop, create a crop rectangle by dragging the mouse, then submit the screenshot.  Use the Fit image button in order to zoom in to see the screenshot at its native resolution.  Screenshots are attached in the JPEG format.

Spelling Proposals

Spelling proposals and dictionary additions can now be invoked via Ctrl+1 in the Task Editor.

Hyperlink Hovers

Hyperlink hovers showing task descriptions are now available in more places than previously, including in the New Comment area of the task editor.  Hyperlinks are now available from task summary fields, along with spell checking.


Bugzilla Connector (Incubation)

Custom Resolutions

Custom resolutions are now supported by the Task Editor.

Keyword Search

Bugzilla Search now supports keywords, invoked via the Select... button visible below.

Configuration Caching

This option can reduce network bandwidth for very repositories that provide the configuration caching mechanism (currently only  This option is recommended for users.


Trac Connector

Wiki Formatting

Trac comments can be created with wiki markup and previewed before submission.  When preview use the Edit button to switch back into plain text editing mode.


XPlanner Connector (Incubation)

New Task Editor

The XPlanner connector now provides a rich editor for creating new tasks.

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