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Release Resolved Community Contributions
Feb. 16
Brock Janiczak contributed his JIRA web service wrapper. Meghan Allen contributed monitor improvements and personal activity reporting and Brian de Alwis contributed monitor fixes. Juerg Billeter contributed contributed repository URL drag-and-drop. John Anvik contributed Bugzilla history parsing. Fixes and patches were also provided by Shawn Minto, Hasan Ceylan, Dmitry Stadnik, Hasan Ceylan, Alex Blewitt and Andrew Overholt.

Also see the New & Noteworthy for previous releases

Update notes:
    - If upgrading from a 0.x version, first update to Mylar 1.0 and see the corresponding update notes.
    - The offline task data cache will be reset, so submit outgoing changes before updating.
    - Trac xml-rpc users: you will need the latest XmlRpcPlugin.


Task Editor lifecycle streamlined

The Task Editor no longer closes on submission, and instead shows progress while it synchronizes with the repository. If incoming changes occur while editor is open the refresh will preserve and mark any outgoing changes.  In order to clear outgoing changes use the context menu -> Mark -> Clear Outgoing.  If an editor is opened for a task not in the Task List the Add to Task List action can be used on the editor's context menu. Formatting of the editor has been improved and uses the new form look on Eclipse 3.3.

Hyperlinks in Java Editor
(Eclipse 3.3 only)

References to tasks and bugs in the Java Editor and now hyperlinked consistently with the Task Editor.  The Task Repository must be defined on the corresponding project (set via Project Properties -> Task Repository). References to tasks must be moused over to turn into hyperlinks.

Drag and Drop improvements

To attach files to a repository task them onto the Task Editor from a navigator view or operating system window.  Dragging a URL that corresponds to a task onto the Task List will cause the corresponding task to be created and added to the Task List, if the corresponding repository exists.


Task Context

Task Context editor

The Context tab on the Task Editor provides a preview of the task context contents.  This facility can be used to remove elements and edit their interest, for example, before sharing the context with others. When first opened this view will show all of the elements in the task context that have a corresponding content provider (e.g. Java elements and files). For long-running tasks this can cause a large number of elements that have decayed in interest to show.  The filter slider bar can be used to adjust degree-of-interest threshold to show only the most interesting elements.


Bugzilla Connector

Local user names

If your Bugzilla repository is configured to use local user IDs rather than full email IDs enable the corresponding option on the Task Repository properties page.

Time tracking

If Time Tracking is enabled on the repository an editable section will show in the Task Editor.


JIRA Connector

Hyperlinking in Task Editor

References to JIRA issue keys are now hyperlinked.

JIRA Core Services

The JIRA feature will now install without requiring additional downloads from

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