2021 Spring Release of Eclipse MOSAIC

The spring release has arrived! The committer team from Fraunhofer FOKUS and DCAITI is proud to present Eclipse MOSAIC 21.0 to the open source community. This new version focuses on a much better integration of SUMO configurations, and introduces a new Server entity to the Application Simulator.

Testing Remote-Operated Driving virtually with Eclipse MOSAIC

Remote-Operated Driving is the bridge technology from human towards fully automated driving. In situations outside the driving domain of a highly-automated vehicle, e.g. if data is missing, or the autonomous function is unsure to make a certain decision, remote-operation is the key.

Studying Traffic Control Algorithms in MOSAIC

The simulative investigation of communication-based Traffic Management solutions requires combining models from different domains. Eclipse MOSAIC suits very well for this purpose as it couples multiple simulators to model vehicle movement pattern, infrastructure sensors, (variable) traffic signs, as well as different communication links (ITS-G5, 4G/5G) between vehicles and backends, and the application logic in entities like vehicles and a Traffic Management Center.

First Release of Eclipse MOSAIC

The initial contribution is accomplished! With the autumn version, the committer team from Fraunhofer FOKUS and DCAITI is proud to release Eclipse MOSAIC 20.0 to the open source community. With the runtime infrastructure, core libraries and various implementations of simulators or couplings to existing ones, Eclipse MOSAIC includes the essential feature collection for simulation and virtual testing of connected and automated mobility solutions.

Testing mobility scenarios with the Open-Source simulation environment Eclipse MOSAIC

On the occasion of EclipseCon 2020, Fraunhofer FOKUS launches its simulation environment Eclipse MOSAIC. This solution is based on VSimRTI (Vehicle-2-X Simulation Runtime Infrastructure), which has been developed over the last 12 years in close cooperation with the DCAITI of the TU Berlin and has already been used by more than 600 partners to test mobility services and traffic scenarios. Eclipse MOSAIC is now partially available as open-source.