EMF Search will provide the fundamental infrastructure and components for search queries on EMF based models. A particular focus is made on integration with the Eclipse Core Search API for end user tight integration.

EMF Search is an Ecore meta-model based extensible search engine which purpose is to provide users query launching services against Ecore based models.

Meta-model based search is basically being able to take advantage of a meta-model structure to run generic search queries onto it. This means that a meta-model structure, defining a minimal modeling "organizaton", contains information enough to get operations applied to it, and by extension having same operations applied to any inheriting model compliant with this meta-model structure. Ecore based search is in fact a particular case of meta-model based treatment, a typical approach also known as Model Driven Architecture.

In other words, this allows to develop meta-model based generic algorithms, valid across any user defined model extending elements & structure of a given meta-model. Such technics are usually employed as part of a code generation developement process also known as Model Driven Development, allowing developers to code things once, setting up templates based code generation getting its data from the particular valuation of an instance of a given meta-model (eg: An actual user defined model or domain model populated with pertinent data).

(see also EMF : Eclipse Modeling Framework).


For model search explanatory purposes, we need to introduce some terminology. First at all, lets keep in mind a model search query always need to deal with entities such as a scope of model resource(s)/element(s) onto which a search query will apply, a set of participant meta-elements which the search query will consider, and finally a search query, textual, scriptical,programatic which an associated model search engine will evaluate against a scope and participants. This evaluation obviously having the role to produce Model Search Results.

This brief explanation just made main concepts appearing : Model Search Scope, Model Search Participants, Model Search Query, Model Search Engine, Model Search Results.

Search Integration

EMF Model search integration is available by Ctrl+H shortcut. It pops up the Eclipse search dialog with an additional "modeling" tab.

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