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XML Schema Infoset Model, Part 2
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9. Summary and resources

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In this tutorial, we reviewed the steps in creating all of the different constructs in the XML Schema Infoset model, including:

  • Global complex types, local/anonymous complex types
  • Global simple types, local/anonymous simple types
  • Facets and value constraints
  • Named groups
  • Model groups (sequence, choice, and all)
  • Global attribute groups and attribute group references
  • Global elements, local elements, and element references
  • Global attributes, local attributes, and attribute references

As XML data is becoming more popular, we are seeing more and more companies depending on common definitions, which are being built using XML Schemas. The XML Schema Infoset Model provides a well-designed set of interfaces, implementations, and algorithms for representing and manipulating XML Schema models. Hopefully the two tutorials in this series have demonstrated how powerful the XML Schema Infoset Model is.

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