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Ganymede Amalgam Packages

Amalgam packages used to come in two flavors: the Eclipse Packaging Project style in the case of the Eclipse Modeling Tools download, and custom Eclipse product bundles tailored to specific modeler audiences. Since Helios, the Amalgam project primary focus is on the EPP Eclipse Modeling Tools download.
As you can see from the egg image to the right, Amalgam is a project in incubation. Each of the downloads below contains code from an incubating Eclipse project or component.

Eclipse Modeling Tools
An all-in-one modeling package delivered by the Eclipse Packaging Project that includes the full SDKs for most Modeling projects. Based on the Ganymede SR1 release.
Windows Mac OS X Linux 32bit Linux 64bit
DSL Toolkit
A set of modeling technologies delivered as an Eclipse product that focuses on the needs of a modeling Toolsmith; that is, it provides EMF, GMF, OCL, QVT, Xpand, UML and other capabilities.
Windows Mac OS X Linux 32bit Linux 64bit


Amalgam is currently in the Validation (Incubation) Phase.

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