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BLU AGE™ is an MDD software workbench built-on Eclipse that enables 100% automated transformation of your UML 2 diagrams into Java EE and .Net applications.

BLU AGE™ also provides UML, BPMN, EMF, ATL and Model Driven training services.

Using BLU AGE™ and its MDD™ methodology, UML® Consultants generate SOA business applications and reduce project elapse time from 30% to up to 50%.

BLU AGE™ adds value to Business Process Modeling and allows you to be free from technical constraints and platform dependant implementation.

'Built on Eclipse' and 'Eclipse Ready', BLU AGE™'s 2009 Edition offers in particular two new modules: an Integrated Modeling Environment, named Build, focusing on models elaboration, with advanced features of model debugging and real-time applications' generation; as well as an integrated Reverse Modeling environment to help companies migrate their Java (soon COBOL) legacy applications to up-to-date frameworks.

BLU AGE™, also provides professional services : UML, BPMN, EMF, ATL and MDA training, consulting and product customization through specific cartridges and software development. BLU AGE™ is compliant with all the major frameworks and databases.


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