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DSDM is an Agile Framework, which aids the development and delivery of business solutions to tight timescales and fixed budgets. DSDM is all about delivering and to does this using techniques such as MoSCoW.

DSDM is about: 

  • Customer involvement in teams
  • Frequent testing
  • Incremental change
  • Rapid feedback mechanisms
  • Fast delivery
  • Focusing on what can and should be done now
  • Small teams

    All levels of the business are actively involved in a DSDM project resulting in:

  • Users who are more likely to claim ownership of the business solution
  • A reduced risk that the wrong solution is delivered
  • A final solution which is more likely to meet the users' real business requirements
  • Better trained users because their representatives have defined and co-ordinated the training required
  • Smoother implementation because of the established relationship and co-operative behaviour between all parties throughout the development.


    The use of DSDM instead of traditional approaches has been proven to lead to an increase in productivity.

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