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Cirrus Link Solutions provide secure and reliable IIOT software solutions enabled with MQTT that integrates process information throughout the organization bridging the IT / OT gap while supplying a superior OT solution.

With over 30 years of SCADA and Telemetry experience and the co-inventor of MQTT where M2M and IoT started, Cirrus Links understands the technology requirements to help companies achieve their business objectives. Our experiences and ingenuity has been integral in developing the technology to enable and effectively manage data assets for real-time controls to big data analytics for AI and predictive maintenance. We pride ourselves with our software delivering real solutions for IIOT and SCADA that are tried, tested and ready for production today.

Cirrus Link puts your business data to work faster and smarter. Break out of the information silo created by traditional software and use machines to share in real time with anyone in your company. With Cirrus Link machine to machine (M2M) technology, your people get on-time, real-time access to critical information. Allowing your business can make more informed, smarter decisions.

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