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Rethink the app development, with iizi platform based on Eclipse

Mindus simplifies the digital transformation for coders, made by people who like to code.

Discover iizi, our platform that changes the basics of building and using apps.

Stream your apps: the outcome of developing on the iizi platform is a new generation of apps: streamed and shared apps, while securing data.

Dare to be different for a successful transformation.

Based on our unique cloud based patented architecture, using streaming and Java, your apps are streamed just like Spotify streams music or Netflix streams movies. It is done in full-duplex. User input and device functions are streamed up to the cloud. One app, pick it up anywhere. Open your app and share it in real-time. With other people.

iizi: making life easier for developers with a democratized PRO platform

  • A unified code for all devices and OS in Java.
  • The platform is filled with knowledge, so one simplified Java code is sufficient to code great multichannel apps. This simplicity opens doors to the new generation of developers.
  • Sustainable app development.
  • Hosted apps, in the cloud or in-house.
  • One single maintenance.
  • A reward system for every developer who uses our platform.

iizi: opening new gen real-time services

iizi app can be opened in real-time to other users, on any device, at any time. By unveiling a new dimension to apps and therefore disrupting customers services, we revolutionize the customer experience. The unique customer experience will incite the companies to choose our platform. We unleash collaboration and services.

iizi: a concept transforming developers

Mindus believes in diversity and openness for the best transformation. Democratize coding, and anyone will be able to contribute to digitalization.

We encourage todays and future developers to learn how to develop apps on Eclipse. We want to empower the developers with genuine experienced technology. We aim to build a full App Sharing Economy by including developers in our business revenue model. A small percentage of the generated revenue from the app they have developed will be gratified to them. iizi is a full apps life cycle development. All players are rewarded. We transform the role of developers. Our iizi developers community is open to anyone wishing to code.

iizi is available for download at and our technical site is


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