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At the nexus of machine learning, big data computing, and Earth-Observing satellites, Astraea is a software start-up developing cutting-edge technology to solve complex planetary problems. Due to the reduced cost of satellite technology and the availability of new sensor technologies, there is an explosion of Earth-observing data waiting to be leveraged. However, organizations need better tools to navigate the complexity of the data and uncover the business opportunities hidden within. We are team of software engineers, data scientists, and image scientists passionate about creating better tools to solve global-scale problems without the hassle typically associated with doing big data analytics and high performance computing. Our platform enables analysts to solve problems at speed by harnessing the power of analytics-ready data and global-scale computation. Astraea: See the earth. As it was, as it is, as it could be.

Astraea Inc.

Astraea Inc. contributes to one or more Eclipse Projects!


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