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Software Quality Systems (SQS, SA) is a provider of QA and Testing solutions. The services offered by SQS include product quality assessments, process improvement, test automation, independent verification and validation plans design and implementation and test outsourcing. The customers of SQS are key players in the administration, pharmaceutical, railways, telecom and industrial sectors. SQS works at both process and product level, and has got a relevant expertise both in Constructive and Analytical quality. Within this context, the expertise of SQS includes the implementation of standards at both process and product level, such as CMMI, SPICE or IEC 61508 and its domain specific developments. From a sectorial point of view, SQS’s clients can be divided into two groups:  Commercial Sector: administration and telecommunication companies are the main representatives of SQS customers in this sector;  Technical and embedded sector: railway and pharmaceutical companies are our major clients within this area. The expertise of SQS in implementing standards such as IEEE, CENELEC or FDA is remarkable. SQS team has got relevant experience in designing and implementing verification and validation plans for safety critical applications. SQS has got certification ISO 9001 and certification ISO2000, for “The ITSMS for the platform for the provision of validation and certification services of mobile applications” In 2007, SQS launched its Test-Lab specialized in Telecommunications, developing intercommunications with third party infrastructures in Europe to provide added value testing services. In 2010, this Test-Lab obtained the ISO20000 certification as a service provider of Mobile Application Validation activities. The services offered by SQS are structured as follows: -Process Assessment and Improvement: -QA Concepts Implementation: -Independent Verification and Validation: -Test-Lab -Training in Testing and QA


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