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Recruiting Eclipse Skills

The Eclipse Foundation hosts a number of newsgroups, one of which is devoted to recruiting called eclipse.employment. Before you can post to the newsgroup, you will need to get an account (this is simple and helps greatly reduce the SPAM on our newsgroups). Indications from people who recruit on the newsgroup is that they receive a lot of responses from their posts, but you will also attract quite a bit of noise/junk emails so be sure to use a temporary email address or alias.

Another popular method of attracting Eclipse talent is if anyone in your company blogs regularly about Eclipse related stuff in any way, they should do a short blog about your openings.

Consider running a Site targeted Google Adwords campaign on Eclipse Marketplace which hosts Google ads on the bottom of many pages. We do not have the data to support the eficacy of a campaign on Marketplace, but it does receive over 10,000 unique visits per business day.

Job aggregators like Indeed are also a possibility.

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