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Overview of Membership Benefits by Membership Class

The Eclipse Foundation is frequently running new programs and initiatives for the benefit of our members. Below is a high level overview of what kinds of programs and initiatives are available to the various membership classes.

Associate Members

  • Access to Information (mail lists, attend members only meetings)
  • Show of support (logo exchange, etc)

Solutions Members

  • Associate Member Benefits
  • Voting rights for board representation, project reviews and amendments to Membership Agreement and Bylaws
  • Significant discounts towards sponsorship and attendance of Eclipse Foundation run events such as EclipseCon
  • Access to Eclipse Foundation marketing and advertising programs.
  • Ability to participate in Industry Working Groups

Enterprise Members

  • All Solutions Member Benefits
  • Intellectual Property Analysis and Reporting
  • Help launching Open Source initiative(s)

Strategic Members

  • All Enterprise Member Benefits
  • Seat on Board of Directors of Eclipse Foundation
  • Seat on Foundation Councils
  • Access to a number of Strategic Members Only Programs such as banner and logo promotion on and

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