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Membership Benefits

Each organization has their own unique reasons for joining the Eclipse Foundation. Some see it as an opportunity to network, learn and work with other organizations who are making strategic use of Open Source. Others join because of the many marketing benefits available. We invite you to explore the benefits of membership on this page to learn how your organization might benefit. If you have questions about any of these benefits, or would like to suggest some that may be missing - please email us.

Membership in the Eclipse Foundation allows organizations to leverage the resources of the community and achieve a higher return on their investment in Eclipse products and services. Eclipse members are offered a unique opportunity to understand the trends and directions of the Eclipse technology and participate in marketing programs that drive potential users to your offerings.

There are three areas to discover the many benefits of membership:

  • A high level summary of benefits, by membership level, can be found here.
  • The Eclipse Bylaws describe certain rights summarized here.
  • The Eclipse Foundation runs a number of programs that change over time to benefit our membership. A summary of some of those programs is described in the table below.


  • Advertising space on

    As an exclusive benefit only to members, we provide advertising space on many of our web properties. These ads are prominently displayed on our properties that are visited by millions of developers who visit our site, and our advertising solutions are very cost effective. In addition, we offer free promotion as a benefit for our Strategic members on the home page. Please contact our membership team for more information.
  • Member Designation on Eclipse Marketplace

    Strategic, Enterprise and Solution members will receive special designation for their listing on Eclipse Marketplace. This designation means their listing will be accessible from the Eclipse Marketplace Client, making it easier for Eclipse users to install member solutions directly into Eclipse.
  • Organizational Membership page Web Site

    Links posted on are heavily trafficed and well indexed. Each member is provided the opportunity to post their company information, product information and logo on their own membership page.
  • News Stories

    News links posted on are heavily trafficked and read tens of thousands of times each. The web site highlights members’ news related stories in the Community section. Interested in submitting a news story, please send an email to
  • Support for Press releases

    Eclipse Foundation will provide press assistance and quotes for new member press releases and ongoing member product announcements. Please email
  • Access to Member Marketing mailing list

    Mailing lists are a key method that the foundation uses to communicate with the membership. Please note some of the mailing lists that are available. As members, you will certainly want to sign up for the mailing list. This list will be useful not only to people marketing Eclipse based products and services, but also Engineering managers, directors and executives interested in keeping abreast of activities in the Eclipse ecosystem. For more information on sending to the member marketing list, please send an email to
  • Special Promotional Activities

    The size and popularity of Eclipse community presents members unique promotional opportunities, ex. advertising supplements, newsletter sponsorships, etc. Some promotional activities will be limited to Strategic, Solutions and Enterprise Members depending on the context. For more information on sending to the member marketing list, please send an email to

Networking and Learning

  • Promote special offers to other members in Foundation Newsletter

    Have a special offer you want to offer other members? Place a short ad in the Foundation Newsletters!
  • EclipseCon Discounts

    The Eclipse community host three annual conferences in North American and Europe. This is a perfect opportunity to meet potential partners and customers. Eclipse members receive preferential exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities, show discounts and other members only opportunities.
  • Members Meetings and Teleconferences

    Eclipse member meetings and committee discussions create many opportunities to network with other technical, marketing and business development professionals. Members discuss and leverage shared resources to solve Member problems and grow the Eclipse community. There are two face-to-face members meets and two teleconference meetings each year, plus many other opportunities and events.

Consolidated Information

  • Membership At Large Access

    Members will automatically be subscribed to the Eclipse membership-at-large mailing list which contains consolidated information regarding the Eclipse ecosystem including notice of upcoming members meetings, project reviews, events and other important information. It represents a single feed of information to keep up with the activities of the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Quarterly Director Reports

    Each quarter our members will receive access to important statistics and information about the Eclipse Ecosystem. The Executive Directors Report contains a summary of new members, foundation activities and plans, market research and other relevant stats, and a general update of the Ecosystem. The project update represents a summary of Eclipse project activities including new proposals, release plans and other important project information.
  • Monthly Member Newsletters

    Each month our members will be emailed the Eclipse Member Newsletter, which gives a summary of important news, events and special offers pertaining to members.

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