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Eclipse Lyo

Eclipse Lyo promotes the use of Linked Data principles and the OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) standard for publishing lifecycle data, to enable the interoperability of heterogeneous products, services, and other distributed network resources. The open OASIS OSLC standard is based on a RESTful architecture and Linked Data principles, such as those defined in the RDF family of specifications, and the W3C Linked Data Platform.
Eclipse Lyo supports Java developers with the development of REST-based servers and clients that need to share heterogeneous information as RDF resources.

Lyo Features


Lyo’s central component is the OSLC4J SDK (Software Development Kit) that helps build REST-based servers and clients, compliant with the OSLC standard.

Lyo Designer

Lyo Designer is an Eclipse plugin that allows one to graphically model (1) the overall system architecture, (2) the information model of the RDF resources being shared, and (3) the individual services and operations of each Server in the system.

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