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[tptp-pmc] releng assignments

We agreed on the pg/pmc call to spread the release engineering work across the 4 sub-projects as follows:

Platform project:

base build infrastructure

TPTP linkage to Europa
overall leadership of releng (this is where the component is)

Test project:

test automation

test pass reporting

Monitoring project:

linkage to Orbit since many of the common 3rd party components are starting to be driven from here

download pages

Trace project:

project plan pages

management of component owner lists and the various access control lists

This will make the project less dependant on single people going forward and help keep the workload balanced at peak times. Each of the project leads accepted they would be the commiter in their project to take on this work. All have had their hands in the various parts of the releng workload. There will continue to be dedicated releng support people, and this is in addition to that team.

Joanna/Hubert, I would like to formally nominate Joanna, Paul, Dave and Guru as commiters to the releng (aka build) component, and be given commiter access to the various CVS modules as needed. I don't believe we have enough commiters in the component itself to take a vote so this needs to be voted by the platform project commiters in order to proceed.

Thanks for your time.
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