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[] Eclipse Member Newsletter, June 2018 Edition

The June Member Newsletter is here!

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EclipseCon France is almost here!

Join the Eclipse community next week in Toulouse! With tracks covering Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, Reactive Programming, Cloud & DevOps, IDEs, Modeling, Data Analytics, it is a great opportunity to find out more about the technologies relevant to you.

The week begins with the Unconference on Tuesday, June 12, followed by the main conference on June 13 - 14. Check out the full program here.

Not registered yet? Then be sure to sign up now!

We hope to see you in Toulouse!

Eclipse Photon release train

This year's Eclipse Photon is the 13th official simultaneous release; it includes the hard work from 85 open source projects and is comprised of approximately 73 million lines of code.

The Eclipse Photon release includes many improvements in functionality and performance. Some of these improvements and features include a full Eclipse IDE support for Rust, support for building Java™ 10 and Java EE™ 8 based applications, Dark theme improvements, and much more! Additionally, the rolling quarterly release cadence in effect going forward means that releases will keep pace with future language requirements.

Check out the Eclipse Photon webinar series!

As a part of this year’s Eclipse Photon simultaneous release, we will be hosting another Virtual Eclipse Community meetup webinar series. Running from June 13-27, this series will be packed full of new features, new projects, and fantastic speakers sharing insights into Eclipse Photon.

Become a member of the Virtual Eclipse Community MeetUp today to get more information on our upcoming webinars and events!

EclipseCon Europe Call for Papers

It's almost summer, and after summer comes EclipseCon Europe! Now is a great time to think about your talk, workshop, or Ignite talk proposal.

We have new tracks, and new program committee members ready and eager to read your proposals.

Submit by July 2 to be considered for early acceptance. The final submission deadline is July 16.

Eclipse IoT Day Santa Clara Talks are now online

On May 14, 2018, we held an Eclipse IoT Day in Santa Clara focusing on open source and open standards for building IoT solutions. All of the sessions have been recorded and now are available on our YouTube channel.

Check out the playlist here!

Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) update

The Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) is an initiative combining technologies and practices for building Eclipse Software. The Eclipse CBI is undergoing important changes, including implementing Kubernetes/Docker via Red Hat OpenShift and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise.

The primary goals of the Eclipse CBI are to make it as easy as possible to contribute Eclipse projects, to copy & modify the source, to build, to test, post a change for review and much more.

To find out more about these important changes, see the Release Engineer, Mikaël Barbero’s presentation on the current setup, the challenges we face, as well as how the new technologies will.

New Solutions Member:

Cirrus Link Solutions LLC

Mizuho International

Toyota Motor Europe NV SA

Useopen Middleware

New Associate Member:

Istanbul JUG

Quarterly Members Meeting Recording

If you missed the live-stream of the Quarterly Members Meeting yesterday, you can find the recording here.

As well, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the chat box! We will be monitoring this until the end of the week.

Email us to take advantage of the opportunity to promote your Eclipse training or other Eclipse event on the Events Map!

See the Events map for DemoCamps, Training Series, and Working Group activities. 

June 7-8, 2018
Paris, France

June 13-14, 2018
Toulouse, France

October 23-25, 2018
Ludwigsburg, Germany

New Eclipse Foundation DemoCamps!

Check out the upcoming DemoCamps that have been planned for this year!

There's still time to organize one in your area; information about organizing your own is on the wiki page.


Eclipse Jakarta EE TCK 0.9.0
Eclipse OpenJ9
Eclipse Project for JCA
Eclipse Project for Interceptors
Eclipse Collections
Eclipse UOMo
Eclipse Project for EJB
Eclipse Project for Stable Jakarta EE APIs
Eclipse e(fx)clipse
Eclipse e(fx)clipse
Eclipse Xtext
Eclipse Dirigible
Eclipse Project for JASPIC
Eclipse fog05
Eclipse Hono
Eclipse Project for JSP
Eclipse Project for Servlet
Eclipse GlassFish
Eclipse Theia
Eclipse Project for JACC
Eclipse Mosquitto


Eclipse Metro
Eclipse ORB
Eclipse Jakarta EE Platform
Eclipse Implementation of JAXB
Eclipse Tahu
Eclipse Project for JPA


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