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[] Open Source Project Announcements

IP Policy Changes

Before we get to the project announcements, I'd like to draw your attention to Bug 496959 which is an umbrella bug for discussion and implementation of recently approved changes in the Eclipse Foundation's IP Policy.

With these changes, we're introducing two types of IP Due Diligence, labeled "Type A" and "Type B". Mike blogged about this. The short version is that the new "Type A" (license compatible) due diligence relies on a license check to confirm that the licenses for content (third party and project code) are compatible with the project license; and "Type B" (provenance checked) Due Diligence is the same thorough vetting process that we engage in today. Projects teams will be able to opt into a specific type of due diligence on a per-release basis. We envision numerous scenarios (e.g. a new project might opt to employ lighter weight "Type A" Due Diligence for their first couple of releases while they come up to speed, and then switch to a more thorough "Type B" as they reach maturity; some projects may never switch back and forth).

We're pushing hard to have a plan of attack to revise our existing processes and infrastructure by the end of September for implementation by the end of the year. Your input early in this process will ensure that we get this as close to right as possible.

Committer Orientation Session

Are you a new committer or project lead for an Eclipse, LocationTech, or PolarSys project? Are you thinking about proposing a new open source project? In this session, hosted on YouTube Live on Thursday, September 8/2016 at 10am ET, Eclipse Foundation staff members will walk you through the information that you need to know to be an effective open source project committer. The discussion includes an overview of the Eclipse Development Process, the Intellectual Property Due Diligence Process, and the Tools and IT Infrastructure made available to open projects by the Eclipse Foundation.

Project Announcements

There are some reviews concluding on September 7, 2016:

We have several proposals open for community review:

Please add your comments either directly on the proposal or in the Proposals forum.

We run reviews ending on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Our next scheduled review dates are September 21, 2016 and October 5, 2016.

For more information about releases and reviews, please see the Eclipse Project Handbook.


Wayne Beaton on behalf of the Eclipse Management Organization
The Eclipse Foundation

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