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[] Announcing Devoxx US and Eclipse Converge

Dear All.

I am very pleased to announce the Eclipse Foundation will be organizing a new developer oriented conference called Devoxx US.

The first such event, DEVOXX US 2017, will be held March 21-23, 2017 at the San Jose Convention Center.

As many of you know, Devoxx is a very popular European developer conference that attracts over 11,000 attendees each year across the existing family of conferences.  We were invited by Stephan Janssen, the founder of Devoxx, to bring the Devoxx conference model to North America, and apply our experience in operating successful events to build a strong Devoxx US presence in North America. For more information about Devoxx, see  

The Eclipse Foundation sees this opportunity as a means to invigorate our conference program in North America, and also as a way to showcase Eclipse technologies on a broader stage.  

DEVOXX US 2017 will include a wide variety of topics, and and we encourage all in our community to consider submitting technical talks to the call for papers, which is scheduled for September of this year.  We know our technologies are best in class in many areas, and having the opportunity to highlight our advances to the Devoxx audience is a tremendous opportunity.

We are also creating a new Eclipse-based event we’re calling Eclipse Converge, to be held just prior to DEVOXX US 2017 on March 20, 2017.  Eclipse Converge will be a one day summit dedicated exclusively to Eclipse technologies, and will allow our North American developer community to meet and share ideas among themselves.  

By combining Eclipse Converge with DEVOXX US, we will enable our community to first have the opportunity to work closely with each other on ideas dedicated exclusively to Eclipse technologies, and then to immediately engage in DEVOXX and to share our ideas with the broader developer community.  These combined events are a replacement for the traditional EclipseCon NA that we have operated for a number of years.

You can find out more about DEVOXX US at, or follow us on Twitter at @DevoxxUS.  We will announce more details about Eclipse Converge over the next few weeks, including how to register for both events combined.  I’ve also provided a few more details below.

We encourage our member companies to sponsor these combined events.  We believe the opportunity to meet with the broader developer community is significant. We expect this conference to be the premiere event in North America for developers, and we are excited to be playing a central role in organizing the program and the event.  You can find out more about sponsorship by emailing sponsors@xxxxxxxxx.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding this new initiative, and hope to see you in San Jose next March!

Thanks Paul

Paul White

VP, Member Services

Eclipse Foundation Inc.



Devoxx normally has great community involvement - will that be the same here?

Definitely.  We are already working directly with the Silicon Valley JUG and the San Francisco JUG in organizing local events and activities, including a DEVOXX4KIDS and a Devoxx Community Day.  We will be reaching out to JUGs and UGs across North America to participate.  If you’d like to get involved, please reach out.

Is DEVOXX US only about Eclipse technologies?

No, it is a developer conference covering a wide range of topics.  See the website for more details, and watch for the Call for Papers in September.

The existing Devoxx conferences generally do not cover much about Eclipse technologies - will DEVOXX US have Eclipse technologies?

Eclipse technologies will definitely be covered at DEVOXX US.  How extensively they are covered will be governed by the quality of talks proposed by our community members, so we urge people to submit talks to the call for papers.

What about EclipseCon North America?

We will not hold EclipseCon North America in 2017, but instead will have the combined events of Eclipse Converge and DEVOXX US.  We believe these two events together will enable all members of the Eclipse community to come together and share new ideas, not just among other Eclipse community members, but also with some of the best and brightest in our industry.

Has the program committee been established?

Stephan Janssen, the founder of Devoxx, will be the program chair for DEVOXX US 2017.  There are a number of people already selected for the program committee, but there are still open spots to be filled.  If you’re interested in joining, contact either Paul White or Stephan Janssen directly.  Eclipse Converge will have its own program committee, and the members of that committee will be chosen in September.  

What is the price?

In keeping with the Devoxx approach, we have worked to keep the price as low as possible.  The price for the 3 days of DEVOXX US 2017 is $995.  The price for Eclipse Converge and DEVOXX US 2017 combined is $1150.  

How can I get my company involved as a sponsor?

You can reach out to Perri Lavergne or Paul White directly, or simply send an email to sponsors@xxxxxxxxx.  

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