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[] Eclipse Open Source Projects Update, Feb 2/2016

Greetings Members and Committers.

I'll start this first update of 2016 with an interesting milestone: as of earlier this year, we now have 300 active open source projects (this includes the Eclipse, LocationTech, and PolarSys forges). Congratulations to everybody, and welcome to our new projects and committers.

I will be running a one-hour on-line version of our Eclipse Committer Orientation [1]. If you are a new committer, or are a more seasoned committer who would like to maybe gain a little more formal insight into the process, consider attending. I will also be running this orientation in a standard session at EclipseCon [2].
Are you a new committer or project lead for an Eclipse, LocationTech, or PolarSys project? Are you thinking about proposing a new open source project? In this tutorial, Eclipse Foundation staff members will walk you through the information that you need to know to be an effective open source project committer. The discussion includes an overview of the Eclipse Development Process, the Intellectual Property Due Diligence Process, and the Tools and IT Infrastructure made available to open projects by the Eclipse Foundation.
Committers! Please consider signing up for an "office hours" slot on the EclipseCon 2016 Hackathon [3]. Use these office hours to advertise the best time for your community to connect and work with you on your project(s). Space is limited, so sign up today. Don't forget to register for the conference [4].

We have a small number of reviews concluding on Wednesday, February 3/2016.

The Eclipse Hono Creation Review [5] is first up. Eclipse Hono provides a uniform (remote) service interface that supports both the Telemetry as well as Command & Control message exchange pattern requirements. In order to do so, Hono also introduces a standard service interface for managing the identity and access restrictions. The Hono project provides an initial set of implementations of the service interfaces described above (corresponding to the IoT Connector component in the diagram shown below in the Description section), leveraging existing messaging infrastructure components. It is not the project's intention to create an additional message broker implementation.

Eclipse EMF Parsley 0.6.0 Release [6] is a minor release.

The Eclipse Package Drone 0.12.0 Release [7] is first release a Eclipse; it concludes the project transition to the Eclipse Foundation infrastructure. Eclipse Package Drone is an OSGi based, web enabled repository for software artifacts with special considerations for the necessities of OSGi bundles and its metadata. It is however not limited to the specific use case of OSGi bundles, but also provides extension points to allow for other artifacts and repository formats like DEB/APT and RPM/YUM.

As always, if you have any question, please let me know.



Wayne Beaton on behalf of the Eclipse Management Organization
The Eclipse Foundation
          NA 2016

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