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22 June 2011
85 bugs Daniel Henrique Barboza contributed support for the Valgrind Helgrind tool. John Dallaway provided a patch to improve our GProf view and some good bug reports on other components. Patrick Tasse, Alexandre Montplaisir, and Daniel U. Thibault improved our Tracing and Monitoring Framework and LTTng support with patches, bug reports, and testing. Corey Ashford assisted with OProfile plugin fixes on Power architecture machines and general OProfile interaction issues. Doug Schaefer tested non-Linux support for our GNU Autotools integration.

New in Linux Tools 0.8

GNU Autotools Support

Windows/Mac Support

Changes have been made which allow the Autotools plug-in to be used on Windows and Mac platforms. The key changes involve invoking the configure script and autotools using "sh -c" without passing the PWD environment variable.

Building the Eclipse SDK

Dropins fixes

Until we discontinue our use of the p2 dropins mechanism entirely, we have fixed a long-standing issue with the use of the Equinox Initializer that was affecting our dropins installation.

GProf Integration

Help Support

The GProf User Guide is now included as part of the Eclipse Help Contents. The guide is created from the Linux Tools wiki page and will be synchronized in the future.

Windows Support

Changes have been made which allow the GProf plug-in to be used on Windows/Cygwin or Windows/Mingw platforms.

GCov Integration

Windows Support

Changes have been made which allow the GCov plug-in to be used on Windows /Cygwin or Windows/Mingw platforms.

API Documentation Hover Help

Devhelp Support

Support has been added to generate hover help from devhelp documentation on Linux. Devhelp documentation is a format that some packages use to support the Linux devhelp API browser. Libhover can regenerate the hover help at any time without requiring a restart of Eclipse. In addition, the devhelp contents are added to the Eclipse Help Contents under C/C++ Library Documentation.

Libhover Devhelp Preferences Devhelp Hover Example

Developer's Guide

The Libhover Developer's Guide is now included in the Eclipse Help Contents. The guide has information on the libhover data formats for C and C++ as well as how to use the libhover plug-in extension to add library hover help.

OProfile Profiling

Improve robustness

The OProfile bridge known as opxml has been removed. This enables easier plugin installation and cleaner interaction with opcontrol. Bug fixes have also been applied improving error checking and enabling users to more easily find errors with OProfile itself.

Valgrind Profiling


Support for the Valgrind Helgrind tool has been added. Similar to the memcheck and massif integration, it is easy to set up launch options. Source code highlighting is performed for each pthread synchronization error that Helgrind finds. Thanks to Daniel Henrique Barboza for this contribution.

Alt text for the image

Linux Tracing Toolkit

LTTng Tracer Control

This feature allows to connect to a remote node running an instrumented Linux kernel via a TCF Agent. The user can then configure and control the collection of kernel traces.

Once the trace is collected on the target, it can then be imported into an LTTng project for standard analysis (processes/resources analysis, etc).

Refer to the LTTng User Guide for further information.

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Events View improvements

The Events View now supports efficient column-based searching and filtering.

This feature is useful to rapidly navigate through large amounts of events.

Refer to the LTTng User Guide for further information.

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