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Bi-weekly Meeting

There is the bi-weekly KUKSA dev/user call on Zoom every Thursday on odd calendar weeks from 1-2pm (CET/CEST).


You can find us on Chat in Gitter Channel, or if you are a Matrix user using the Gitter-Matrix bridge.


You can reach us on the kuksa-dev mailing list

Get the code

The code for the various subprojects is provided in the following Github repositories. Please note that issues are tracked and discussed in the repository of the respective sub-project.

Active projects

Component Source Description
Eclipse KUKSA.val KUKSA Vehicle Abstraction Layer, this is a COVESA/W3C compliant implementation of a VSS server provding access to in-vehicle signals using VISS or GRPC interfaces
Eclipse KUKSA.val.feeders Multiple feeders to gathering vehicle data and transforming it to VSS suitable for KUKSA.val
Eclipse Set of example vehicle services
Eclipse KUKSA.hardware Hardware schematics and manufacturinng files for the KUKSA SDV prototpying platform. This is a PI-compatible hardware providing access to CAN, OBD and cellular connectivity
Eclipse The cloud-backend of Eclipse KUKSA, including the App Store. Provides helmcharts for easy deployment of the The sources for the website you are reading now

Dormant projects

This repositories contain components that have been developed in the past, but are currently not actively maintained or whose functionality has been integrated into active components.

Component Source Description
Eclipse KUKSA.ide Browser-based IDE used by developers to create applications for the Eclipse Kuksa in-vehicle. If you are searching for an integrated way to build applications based on vehicle data provided by KUKSA.val, you may want to check the IoTEA project
KUKSA.Apps Contains applications to showcase use-cases of Eclipse KUKSA. Demos regarding vehicle signal access have been moved over to KUKSA.val
KUKSA.In-Vehicle The in-vehicle platform of Eclipse Kuksa. The KUKSA hardware has been moved to KUKSA.hardware, the VISS dataserver for accessing in-vehicle data is further developed in KUKSA.val. For a modern integrated SDV distribution check Eclipse LEDA