Eclipse Kuksa.val DBC Feeder Demo [Video]

August 18, 2020

Eclipse Kuksa.val DBC Feeder Demo [Video]

This demo showcases the features of the kuksa.val ( server.

While the automotive world is full of standards, there are not a lot of useful standards for an I(o)T world. Useful here means

  • Standardize on semantics, not technology only
  • Usable across vendors, by anyone (car manufacturers, suppiers, aftermarket, third parties)
  • Building on, or interacting with, common IT technologies

One of the more useful approaches in this context is the Genivi Vehicle signal specification (VSS) ( ) . It is a joint effort by different industry players, to provide a useful, generic high-level abstraction of data in a vehicle. The kuksa.val server provides such a VSS data strucuture. To access VSS data, kuksa.val understands a websocket protocol, designed for VSS by the W3C Automotive working group ( . Such nice abstract data models and modern protocols are not worth much if you can not connect them to the automotive world. Therefore, the demo showcases, how you can gather data directly from a CAN bus ( and map it to the VSS data structure using a so-called DBC file, which is an old automotive de-facto standard that describes the structure of CAN messages (