Appstacle Use Case: Remote Driver Authentication with Eclipse Kuksa

April 18, 2019

The Appstacle Turkish consortium, including Koçsistem, Otokar and Netaş, has created a Remote Driver Authentication demo based on the Eclipse Kuksa platform.

Within the project, various companies or groups of companies, have focused on several use cases that support the vision of an ecosystem for purchasing and downloading in-vehicle applications. Otokar, a vehicle manufacturer, is tasked with integrating these scenarios and testing them on real vehicles. Otokar and the rest of the Turkish consortium are focused on the driver and passenger authentication scenarios.

In the driver authentication scenario presented in our video, the authorization to drive a specific vehicle is managed via the platform and identification with a unique code such as a QR code. In a passenger authentication scenario, a student may board a school bus and be identified as travelling with the bus to a specific location or zone. Another example use case in this area is a driver profile which would centrally collect data such as driving record, fuel consumption, or driving performance. The platforms would be available to third-party applications such as insurance companies offering lower rates to low-risk drivers.

To learn more about this use case, you can view the video on YouTube. And, watch this space for a link to the platform download!

  • Erdem Ergen KoçSistem