Because today's software-intensive automotive systems are still developed in silos by each car manufacturer or OEM in-house, long-term challenges in the industry are yet unresolved. Establishing a standard for car-to-cloud scenarios significantly improves comprehensive domain-related development activities and opens the market to external applications, service provider, and the use of open source software wherever possible without compromising security. Connectivity, OTA maintenance, automated driving, electric mobility, and related approaches increasingly demand technical innovations applicable across automotive players.

The open and secure Eclipse Kuksa project will contain a cloud platform that interconnects a wide range of vehicles to the cloud via in-car and internet connections. This platform will be supported by an integrated open source software development environment including technologies to cope especially with software challenges for vehicles designed in the IoT, Cloud, and digital era.

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Automotive Ethernet Gateway by taskit

By Nikolai Ostapowicz on October 28, 2019

taskit GmbH has developed a Car2X Gateway, which enables standardized, secure access to the cloud for in-car software. It comes pre-installed with Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) and Eclipse Kuksa and supports multiple interfaces such as CAN bus and Automotive Ethernet. Figure 1: Automotive Ethernet Gateway The Gateway was created as a part of the APPSTACLE project. This project is creating an open de facto standard and an open-source implementation of a complete technology stack for connected car scenarios as well as an associated ecosystem of libraries, tools, business models, services and support - hosted by the Eclipse Foundation as the Eclipse Kuksa project.

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APPSTACLE F2F Meeting & Hackathon @ Netas, Istanbul, Turkey

on September 19, 2019

The APPSTACLE project members and Eclipse Kuksa developers met in mid September 2019 to work on common challenges, release planning, documentation, and specifically technologies around the Eclipse Kuksa Appstore. Many issues could be resolved and the path to Eclipse Kuksa 0.1.0 looks promising!

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Summerschool FH-Dortmund - Automotive Stream

on July 5, 2019

On regular basis, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Germany) organizes a one week summer school for students with various streams to choose from. As part of the automotive stream, Eclipse Kuksa technologies have been presented and students could get their hands on the Eclipse Kuksa OBD dongle used in a real car scenario applications installed via the Appstore the Eclipse Kuksa Rover running AGL or Raspbian with the Eclipse Kuksa in-vehicle layers the new Eclipse Kuksa IDE for a simplified deployment of applications and cloud services and more…

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When Eclipse Kuksa meets Eclipse SUMO [VIDEO]

on May 28, 2019

This video features an approach for connecting the Eclipse SUMO track simulation with the open source connected vehicle ecosystem Eclipse Kuksa. More precisely, Eclipse SUMO is used to simulate traffic scenarios including microscopic properties like the position or emission. The generated data of each vehicle is then be sent to the message gateway of the Kuksa IoT Cloud platform and delegated to an according example service that consumes the data.

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