Quality Questionnaires

These anonymous questionnaires give us the chance collect informations helping the contributors community to improve the user experience ..

Usability Questionnaire

Usability is one of the core assets of Kiso’s design. As soon as there is a BSP/MCU layer for the targeted hardware the matter of creating custom tailored applications should be handy based on the provided examples, the migration from one hardware to another (given BSP/MCU) should be also doable by only changing configuration parameters.

And it is the second quality goal with two sub-attribute which are:

  • (Configurability) each module can be configred for specific application purposes.

  • (Portability) Kiso support applications to be protable to other hardware.

Please Tell us about your experience building a custom application or migrating to another hardware: Usability Questionnaire

Understandability Questionnaire

Understandability is Kiso’s top quality goal. Kiso aims to lower the entry barrier for embedded IoT developers therefore it has been a concern how to ease the usage from the toolchain environment preparation untill the running of the built application. The provided documentation should make all those steps clear and accurate.

Please tell us about your experience regarding the consistency of the user guides: Understandability Questionnaire

Note: more questionnaires will be added whenever there is an available update, So be sure to check the page to answer them, and give us feedback.