First contribution

How can I do my first contribution?


Make sure you have done the things in ‘What should I do before I get started?’. Without accounts, you cannot have access rights to do certain operations. And ECA and DCO are important from a legal point of view, for both contributors and the project. Therefore you need to get them ready before going forward.

Architecture and source code

Before you can contribute back something, you need to be pretty familiar with Kiso. First with the architecture of Kiso and then its source code.

Architecture of Kiso is good start point where you can have an overview of the whole picture. Visit this section for more information.

Then it is about source code itself. After getting to know the whole picture, you need to zoom in the place you have interests, which more or less means you need to get your hands on code of a certain module, understand it and play around with it.

Tools and environment setup

For an easy jump start of setting up environment and tools, you can find enough information in Quick start.

Find a good topic to work on

For sure, you want to start with something you have interests in (eg. writing a BSP for a new board). Please take a look at our roadmap to see if your topic already exists in it. If not, please contact and talk to us, we will support you in defining and documenting what you would like to do.