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Java Workflow Tooling (JWT)

Eclipse Con Europe 2012

At Eclipse Con Europe 2012 in Ludwigsburg, we presented in the SOA Symposium track Models as Operational Documentations, or how design-time JWT workflow models can get a new life at operation time thanks to EMF to CMIS export, and how we can combineTalend with EasySOA and at a wider level SOA architecture repositories with middleware runtime registries.

Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble 2012

Workflow models can have a life after design time: as published documentation. The EasySOA team illustrated as much for JWT at the Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble 2012 using a prototype EMF to CMIS export. We also told the educative technical & IP tale of bringing SVG export to JWT (slides).

Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble 2011

At the Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble 2011, we gave a glimpse of our ongoing work with the EasySOA community to allow for Collaborative SOA from Eclipse to EasySOA Core.

Eclipse Con 2010

In Painless (?) Metamodel Evolution (original submission), we presented our ATL-based converter during the Eclipse Con in Santa Clara. The presentation can be downloaded on SlideShare.

Eclipse Summit Europe 2009

We presented our aspect-oriented extension mechanism (original submission) i.e. the JWT configuration models during the Eclipse Summit in Ludwigsburg. The presentation can be downloaded on SlideShare.

Eclipse Forum Europe 2009

JWT was presented at Eclipse Forum Europe 2009 in Mainz, Germany. See an abstract of this session here. Please find the presentation and the shown screencasts ( From BPMN to JWT, Show different views and export, Simulate the process, Deploy and finally execute it).

EclipseCon 2009

JWT was presented at EclipseCon 2009 in Santa Clara, CA, USA. See an abstract of this presentation here and the presentation here. The also shown screencast can be viewed as a flash movie.

Eclipse Summit Europe 2008

JWT was also presented during Eclipse Summit Europe in 2008: Marc Dutoo had the chance to talk 10 minutes about JWT in the session "STP News and Noteworthy" (thanks to Oisin Hurley!).

Eclipse Summit Europe 2007

At the 11th of October 2007 Florian Lautenbacher, one of the two project leads of the Java Workflow Tooling project, held a presentation about the plans in JWT at the Eclipse Summit Europe 2007 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
The presentation was a success with many questions afterwards. So it seems the Eclipse community is quite interested in the progress of our project.
Please find the presentation here. The also shown screencast of the workflow editor can be viewed as a flash movie.


On the wiki, you can find additional presentations and articles.

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