Class ExtensionStack

    • Method Detail

      • configure

        public void configure​(Generator generator)
      • configure

        public void configure​(Parser parser)
      • doStart

        protected void doStart()
                        throws java.lang.Exception
        Description copied from class: ContainerLifeCycle
        Starts the managed lifecycle beans in the order they were added.
        doStart in class ContainerLifeCycle
      • dumpSelf

        public java.lang.String dumpSelf()
        Description copied from interface: Dumpable
        The description of this/self found in the dump. Allows for alternative representation of Object other then .toString() where the long form output of toString() is represented in a cleaner way within the dump infrastructure.
        Specified by:
        dumpSelf in interface Dumpable
        the representation of self
      • getNegotiatedExtensions

        public java.util.List<ExtensionConfig> getNegotiatedExtensions()
        Get the list of negotiated extensions, each entry being a full "name; params" extension configuration
        list of negotiated extensions
      • hasNegotiatedExtensions

        public boolean hasNegotiatedExtensions()
      • incomingFrame

        public void incomingFrame​(Frame frame)
        Description copied from interface: IncomingFrames
        Process the incoming frame.

        Note: if you need to hang onto any information from the frame, be sure to copy it, as the information contained in the Frame will be released and/or reused by the implementation.

        Specified by:
        incomingFrame in interface IncomingFrames
        frame - the frame to process
      • negotiate

        public void negotiate​(java.util.List<ExtensionConfig> configs)
        Perform the extension negotiation.

        For the list of negotiated extensions, use getNegotiatedExtensions()

        configs - the configurations being requested
      • outgoingFrame

        public void outgoingFrame​(Frame frame,
                                  WriteCallback callback,
                                  BatchMode batchMode)
        Description copied from interface: OutgoingFrames
        A frame, and optional callback, intended for the network layer.

        Note: the frame can undergo many transformations in the various layers and extensions present in the implementation.

        If you are implementing a mutation, you are obliged to handle the incoming WriteCallback appropriately.

        Specified by:
        outgoingFrame in interface OutgoingFrames
        frame - the frame to eventually write to the network layer.
        callback - the callback to notify when the frame is written.
        batchMode - the batch mode requested by the sender.
      • setNextIncoming

        public void setNextIncoming​(IncomingFrames nextIncoming)
      • setNextOutgoing

        public void setNextOutgoing​(OutgoingFrames nextOutgoing)