Class ClientUpgradeRequest

    • Constructor Detail

      • ClientUpgradeRequest

        public ClientUpgradeRequest()
      • ClientUpgradeRequest

        protected ClientUpgradeRequest​( requestURI)
    • Method Detail

      • getKey

        public java.lang.String getKey()
      • setTimeout

        public void setTimeout​(long timeout,
                               java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit unit)
        timeout - the total timeout for the request/response conversation of the WebSocket handshake; use zero or a negative value to disable the timeout
        unit - the timeout unit
      • getTimeout

        public long getTimeout()
        the total timeout for this request, in milliseconds; zero or negative if the timeout is disabled
      • setLocalEndpoint

        public void setLocalEndpoint​(java.lang.Object websocket)
      • getLocalEndpoint

        public java.lang.Object getLocalEndpoint()