Class StartIniBuilder

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    public class StartIniBuilder
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements BaseBuilder.Config
    Management of the ${jetty.base}/start.ini based configuration.

    Implementation of the --add-to-start=[name] command line behavior

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      java.lang.String addModule​(Module module, Props props)
      Add a module to the start environment in ${jetty.base}
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      • StartIniBuilder

        public StartIniBuilder​(BaseBuilder baseBuilder)
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      • addModule

        public java.lang.String addModule​(Module module,
                                          Props props)
        Description copied from interface: BaseBuilder.Config
        Add a module to the start environment in ${jetty.base}
        Specified by:
        addModule in interface BaseBuilder.Config
        module - the module to add
        props - The properties to substitute into a template
        The ini file if module was added, null if module was not added.
        Throws: - if unable to add the module