Class ContinuationThrowable

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    public class ContinuationThrowable
    extends java.lang.Error
    use Servlet 3.0 AsyncContext instead

    A ContinuationThrowable is throw by Continuation.undispatch() in order to exit the dispatch to a Filter or Servlet. Use of ContinuationThrowable is discouraged and it is preferable to allow return to be used. ContinuationThrowables should only be used when there is a Filter/Servlet which cannot be modified to avoid committing a response when Continuation.isSuspended() is true.

    ContinuationThrowable instances are often reused so that the stack trace may be entirely unrelated to the calling stack. A real stack trace may be obtained by enabling debug.

    ContinuationThrowable extends Error as this is more likely to be uncaught (or rethrown) by a Filter/Servlet. A ContinuationThrowable does not represent and error condition.

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      • ContinuationThrowable

        public ContinuationThrowable()