Class FileMatchingConfiguration

  • public class FileMatchingConfiguration
    extends java.lang.Object
    Describes set of files matched by <fileset/> elements in ant configuration file. It is used to group application classes, libraries, and scannedTargets elements.
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      void addDirectoryScanner​( directoryScanner)  
      java.util.List getBaseDirectories()  
      boolean isIncluded​(java.lang.String pathToFile)
      Checks if passed file is scanned by any of the directory scanners.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • FileMatchingConfiguration

        public FileMatchingConfiguration()
    • Method Detail

      • addDirectoryScanner

        public void addDirectoryScanner​( directoryScanner)
        directoryScanner - new directory scanner retrieved from the <fileset/> element.
      • getBaseDirectories

        public java.util.List getBaseDirectories()
        a list of base directories denoted by a list of directory scanners.
      • isIncluded

        public boolean isIncluded​(java.lang.String pathToFile)
        Checks if passed file is scanned by any of the directory scanners.
        pathToFile - a fully qualified path to tested file.
        true if so, false otherwise.