Class AntWebAppContext

    • Constructor Detail

      • AntWebAppContext

        public AntWebAppContext​( project)
                         throws java.lang.Exception
        Default constructor. Takes project as an argument
        project - the project.
        java.lang.Exception - if unable to create webapp context
    • Method Detail

      • dump

        public static void dump​(java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
      • addAttributes

        public void addAttributes​(Attributes atts)
        Adds a new Ant's attributes tag object if it have not been created yet.
        atts - the attributes
      • addLib

        public void addLib​( lib)
      • addClasses

        public void addClasses​( classes)
      • setJettyEnvXml

        public void setJettyEnvXml​( jettyEnvXml)
      • getJettyEnvXml

        public getJettyEnvXml()
      • getLibraries

        public java.util.List getLibraries()
      • addScanTargets

        public void addScanTargets​( scanTargets)
      • getScanTargetFiles

        public java.util.List getScanTargetFiles()
      • getScanFiles

        public java.util.List<> getScanFiles()
      • isScanned

        public boolean isScanned​( file)
      • initScanFiles

        public java.util.List<> initScanFiles()
      • getClassPathFiles

        public java.util.List<> getClassPathFiles()
        a list of classpath files (libraries and class directories).
      • getLibrariesConfiguration

        public FileMatchingConfiguration getLibrariesConfiguration()
        a FileMatchingConfiguration object describing the configuration of all libraries added to this particular web app (both classes and libraries).
      • getContextXml

        public getContextXml()
      • setContextXml

        public void setContextXml​( contextXml)