Class HttpInput.WrappingContent

    • Constructor Detail

      • WrappingContent

        public WrappingContent​(HttpInput.Content delegate,
                               boolean eof)
    • Method Detail

      • isEof

        public boolean isEof()
        Description copied from class: HttpInput.Content
        Check if EOF was reached. Both special and non-special content can have this flag set to true but in the case of non-special content, this can be interpreted as a hint as it is always going to be followed by another content that is both special and EOF.
        isEof in class HttpInput.Content
        true if EOF was reached, false otherwise.
      • failed

        public void failed​(java.lang.Throwable x)
        Description copied from interface: Callback

        Callback invoked when the operation fails.

        x - the reason for the operation failure