Package org.eclipse.jetty.nosql.mongodb

package org.eclipse.jetty.nosql.mongodb
Jetty NoSql : MongoDB Integration
  • Classes
    MongoSessionDataStore The document model is an outer object that contains the elements: "id" : session_id "created" : create_time "accessed": last_access_time "maxIdle" : max_idle_time setting as session was created "expiry" : time at which session should expire "valid" : session_valid "context" : a nested object containing 1 nested object per context for which the session id is in use Each of the nested objects inside the "context" element contains: unique_context_name : nested object containing name:value pairs of the session attributes for that context unique_context_name: vhost:contextpath, where no vhosts="0_0_0_0", root context = "", contextpath "/" replaced by "_"
    MongoUtils Some utility methods for manipulating mongo data.