Class CdiServletContainerInitializer

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public class CdiServletContainerInitializer extends Object implements jakarta.servlet.ServletContainerInitializer

A ServletContainerInitializer that introspects for a CDI API implementation within a web application and applies an integration mode if CDI is found. CDI integration modes can be selected per webapp with the "org.eclipse.jetty.cdi" init parameter or default to the mode set by the "org.eclipse.jetty.cdi" server attribute. Supported modes are:

Jetty will call the CDI SPI within the webapp to decorate objects (default).
The webapp may register a decorator on the context attribute "org.eclipse.jetty.cdi.decorator".
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    • CdiServletContainerInitializer

      public CdiServletContainerInitializer()
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      public void onStartup(Set<Class<?>> c, jakarta.servlet.ServletContext ctx)
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      onStartup in interface jakarta.servlet.ServletContainerInitializer