Class FrameFlusher

    • Field Detail


        public static final Frame FLUSH_FRAME
    • Method Detail

      • isUseDirectByteBuffers

        public boolean isUseDirectByteBuffers()
      • setUseDirectByteBuffers

        public void setUseDirectByteBuffers​(boolean useDirectByteBuffers)
      • enqueue

        public boolean enqueue​(Frame frame,
                               Callback callback,
                               boolean batch)
        Enqueue a Frame to be written to the endpoint.
        frame - The frame to queue
        callback - The callback to call once the frame is sent
        batch - True if batch mode is to be used
        returns true if the frame was enqueued and iterate needs to be called, returns false if the FrameFlusher was closed
      • onClose

        public void onClose​(java.lang.Throwable cause)
      • timeoutExpired

        public void timeoutExpired()
      • notifyCallbackSuccess

        protected void notifyCallbackSuccess​(Callback callback)
      • notifyCallbackFailure

        protected void notifyCallbackFailure​(Callback callback,
                                             java.lang.Throwable failure)
      • setIdleTimeout

        public void setIdleTimeout​(long idleTimeout)
      • getIdleTimeout

        public long getIdleTimeout()
      • getMessagesOut

        public long getMessagesOut()
      • getBytesOut

        public long getBytesOut()