Uses of Package

Jetty Ant : Ant Tasks and Configuration
Jetty Ant : Ant Wrappers of Jetty Internals
Jetty Deploy : Webapp Deploy Management
Jetty Deploy : JMX Integration
Jetty Deploy : Webapp Deployment Providers
Jetty Proxy : Async Proxy Support
Jetty Rewrite : Rewrite Handler and Rules for Jetty
Jetty Runner : Embedded Jetty Tool for running webapps directly
Jetty Security : Modular Support for Security in Jetty
Jetty Server : Core Server API
Jetty Server : Core Handler API
Jetty GZIP Handler
Jetty Server : Handler JMX Integration
Jetty Server : Session Management Implementations
Jetty Server : Modular Servlet Integration
Jetty Util : Modular Web Application Support